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HP12c Financial Calculator Dem

Developer: Taurus Labs

A nearly complete emulator of HP 12c Platinum financial calculator that actually works!This is a restricted demo version you can try before buying the application.
This application emulates one of the best financial calculators - the famous 12c Platinum from HP. We did not aim to completely emulate the visual appearance of real calculator. Instead, we are focused on precise emulation of the calculator functions
The main differences from real calculator:
- ON button does not actually turn the calculator on or off, but instead it changes digits separator from dot to comma and vice versa- when a program is running, the display shows actual calculations performed, not just "running"- there is no trade-off between program memory and storage registers- the state of financial registers and RPN stack is displayed on the screen- in ALG mode, the display shows if there are incomplete calculations, and number of open brackets